Indexing FAQ

Some authors might be tempted or even encouraged to index their own book.  And it is possible!  However, to create an amazing index that will enhance your work and guide your readers to the exact information they are looking for, you need an index created by a professional indexer.

Yes!  Each and every non-fiction and even the occasional fiction title needs an index in order to provide ongoing value to the reader.

Professional indexers have the education, experience, tools, perspective, and time to create the perfect index for you.

To get an idea of the intricacies that go into creating an index, take a look at the American Society for Indexing’s Best Practices for Indexing. Now imagine learning all of these new skills and applying the necessary artistry and science to create an index that will meet the satisfaction of both you, your editor, and your reader.  Remember, you will need to do all of this on a specific timeline without utilizing expensive indexing software and the specialized skills necessary to make that perfect index.  

Creation of a great index is a professional indexer’s job.  Let me take care of this final challenging publishing step.  You have already have done all of your hard work in creating your book!

A computer can create a concordance but it cannot make an index.
An AI program would be able to make an exacting list of all of the nouns in your book and what pages they occur on but it will not be able to recognize themes and topics or make necessary connections within the text.  The specialized software indexers utilize is like a word processor for indexing.  All of the work is done by the indexer themselves utilizing their education and expertise in order to be able to create professional indexes. 

Professional indexes are worth the investment.  Most books are only published once in their lifetime and will stay on shelves in homes, bookstores, and libraries for years to come. 

Indexing fees vary based on the complexity of the work and timeline.  My fees typically range between $3.50 – $7.00 per indexable page.  For a basic 200 page book, a one time payment of $700 for a professional index is an important investment that will save you a considerable amount of time and effort.  Most importantly it will add tremendous value to a book that you may have been working on for years!

For more information on back-of-the-book indexing, I suggest looking through the American Society for Indexing’s Frequently Asked Questions page or contacting me.

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